[Ardour-Users] Sync between internal and external sources

John Rigg au at sound-man.co.uk
Thu Jan 22 05:59:18 PST 2009

On Thu, Jan 22, 2009 at 12:23:51AM +0100, Ralf Mardorf wrote:
> I don't know any musician in my social environment that's fine with 
> music productions done by Linux, independent if they are doing 
> homerecording or top level professional productions. I was a Linux only 
> user since November 2003, but since this month I've a Windows install 
> too. I'm still using Linux for anything, but multimedia production, but 
> also under Windows, I'm using some FLOSS, that I tried to use under Linux.
> Some people aren't able to sense the quality problems for Linux and 
> multimedia, some really might not have quality problems, but I never 
> heard a audio production that was fine.

This is beginning to sound like a stuck record. You might be having
problems doing the work that you want to do with Linux, but that doesn't
mean it can't be done. Reading your numerous posts in the past, it is
obvious that you are not prepared to do the necessary research to solve
your problems, but say it's the software that is at fault, and imply
that others who use it successfully must be too incompetent to notice
what's wrong.

If you want an example of how Linux can be successful in multimedia,
just look at any Hollywood film that uses digital effects. Linux
image processing has been the de facto industry standard for years.

In audio, Linux is the internal operating system for the Midas XL8 and
PRO6, as well as the Harrison X-Dubber, which uses Ardour. These products
are not used by idiots.

I guess it's easier to blame everyone else than make an effort to fix
your own problems.


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