[Ardour-Users] Could this solve Ardour's financial headache?

Patrick Shirkey pshirkey at boosthardware.com
Tue Jan 13 18:59:23 PST 2009

It appears I have some difficulty getting my thoughts across...

Let me strip it right back to a step by step process.

Mantis and Embedded browser integration

1: Integrate Mantis into the website so the bounty system is more 
visible, accessible and auto updated.
2: Add an embedded browser to Ardour that can be disabled with a config 
setting if desired.
3: Make sure the embedded browser will not attempt to access the 
internet if the system is not connected. Simple check of ifconfig should 
confirm without any overhead.
4: Point the embedded browser at http://ardour.org
5: Make sure it is displayed at startup by default. Config setting to 

Fundraising and Mantis fund integration

1: Create a Mantis fund and integrate it with the donations and bounty 
system on the website.
2: Run a fundraiser to build up the Mantis fund.
3: Funds raised could be matched by upto 1 month of subscriptions with 
total pool of $3000

Allocation of funds

1: Setup a voting system for the Mantis bugs/features
2: Encourage users to vote for the features/bugs they want to be worked 
on next.
3: Assign an appropriate cost for the most popular features.
4: Allocate a part of the Mantis fund, say upto half of the cost to the 
5 most popular features and let the community fund the difference.
5: When targets are met start work on the feature and take the cash out 
of the system.
6: When the feature is finished give the cash to the Dev/s who earned it.
7: Let people know that a new voting round it in process for x amount of 
Mantis items.
8: Return to 2.

NB* If the Mantis fund ever gets down to an amount that cannot be 
allocated run the fund raiser again...

If the core changes for this system do not make the cut for a short 
period of developer time and attention (say 1 month) then there is no 
way the user community can be expected to make more effort to fund 
Ardour development than they currently do.

I get the feeling that people are actually happy with the current system 
and quite possibly don't want to make it more effective because then we 
would have a system that actually meets its goals. This is a scary idea. 
Ardour funding actually meeting Pauls targets. After 12 years of not 
being tenable I can see how it would make some people uncomfortable. 
Nobody wants to see the baby* grow up and become an adult.

*(Ardour:  not Paul)

Patrick Shirkey
Boost Hardware Ltd.

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