[Ardour-Users] Patch for Ardour manual

Tanjeff-Nicolai Moos tanjeff at not-another-server.net
Fri Jan 9 15:39:42 PST 2009

Am Thu, 08 Jan 2009 21:29:56 +0100
schrieb Paul Davis <paul at linuxaudiosystems.com>:

> looks OK except that removing the tranzport stuff was wrong. its not
> visible in your build because your build was done with TRANZPORT=0.
I compiled with TRANZPORT=1, but the tranyport item in the options menu
don't show up. On the console, ardour says:

ardour: [INFO]: looking for control protocols
in /home/tanjeff/.ardour2/surfaces /:/usr/lib/ardour2/surfaces/
ardour: [INFO]: Control surface protocol discovered: "Mackie"
ardour: [INFO]: Control protocol Tranzport not usable
powermate: Opening of powermate failed - No such file or directory
ardour: [INFO]: Control protocol powermate not usable
ardour: [INFO]: Control surface protocol discovered: "Generic MIDI"

Why is the surface not usable? The libusb is installed. Does the item
show up only, when a tranzport is actually connected? Or has it to do
the this "powermate" stuff?


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