[Ardour-Users] Patch for Ardour manual

Tanjeff-Nicolai Moos tanjeff at not-another-server.net
Thu Jan 8 11:36:37 PST 2009

As promised a few weeks ago, I worked on the Ardour manual. Here is my
actual patch, which should cleanly apply to the ardour2 svn repository,
revision 4393. 

Feel free to tell me how you find it. If you are satisfied with my
work, I will continue working on the manual. You may change it freely,
of course (it's yours), but teach me if I could do things better. This
also affects XML formatting (indentation and such) as well as correct
usage of the docbook tags. I never before worked with docbook.

Here is what I did:

- Complete rewrite of chapter "MIDI Configuration"
- Updated Chapter "Using Control Surfaces" and changed the order and
  titles of its subsections.
- Filled content into chapter "Using a Generic MIDI control surface"
- Slightly updated chapter "Behringer DDX3216"
- Slightly updated chapter "Using the Mackie driver  for MCU and

Here is what in my opinion is still inclomplete/outdated on the
MIDI and control surface part:

- Chapter "Using a BCF2000" describes many
  things which are misplaced in the Ardour manual, in particular: how to
  update the BCF2000 firmware, how to use qjackctl (making connections
  and the patchbay for persistence) and how to work with aconnect.
  Configuring a BCF2000 is now described in chapter "Using a Generic
  MIDI control surface" in a more generic way. I would therefore remove
  the chapter "Using a BCF2000" from the Ardour manual. Some of the
  information may go to more adequate places (although I don't know
- Support for Frontier Design Tranzport devices seem to 
  disappeared. At least The "Tranzport" option in the "options" menu
  doesn't exist. Therefore, the chapter "Using a Frontier Design
  Tranzport" should be deleted. The same applies to "Configuring USB
  device access (Linux only)", which is also specialised on the
  Tranzport device. In svn, the related files are
  frontier_design_tranzport.xml and configuring_usb_device_access.xml.

Greetings, Tanjeff

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