[Ardour-Users] linux distro install tool info wanted

piep piep at gaule.org
Sat Feb 7 02:54:45 PST 2009

>    * name(s) of linux distribution(s) 
Ubuntu Studio 8.04.1
>    * name of the install tool for the distro
>    * name of ardour package for the distro
ardour-i686  Version : 1:2.7.1-0hardy1~UFS
>    * actual command to install and to update ardour
>    * name of special repository/ies worth knowing for the distro
deb http://ufs.lobotomie.org/ hardy main
deb-src http://ufs.lobotomie.org/ hardy main
deb http://ufs.lobotomie.org/ hardy-testing main
deb-src http://ufs.lobotomie.org/ hardy-testing main


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