[Ardour-Users] Plugin help

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
Thu Dec 24 08:06:53 PST 2009

Hi Seablaede :)

I understand your opinion and you are right. Sometimes it's very 
dramatic, e.g. just the storage of tapes that are not spooled in the 
correct direction to avoid audible crosstalk is a PITA, but it gives me 
a job ;). You "removed noise, a combination of cracks and a not 
insignificant amount of hiss from the recordings itself, with minimal 
artifacts" and I believe that you did this. But you, any audio engineer 
and I would take care to avoid the need to do this.

"A downwards expansion at a slight ration for the silent parts works 
wonders in my experience."

Correct, especially for tools of a digital workstations there's the 
possibility to "pre-listen" and to get good results automatically, 
impossible for analogue equipment.

If somebody needs to save old recordings, there should be some good 
tools, but IMHO it's more important to prevent the need to do this.

I only wanted to advice, that for the future it would be better to learn 
how to use available possibilities, to avoid the need of doing any 

Postprocessing always is a PITA. I'm human, I do mistakes and I always 
hate to do any postprocessing, so I learned to minimize the need to do 

Development for postprocessing IMO shouldn't be too important. At least 
the loudness race is a result of postprocessing, okay this example isn't 
fair, but any way it's a result of what is possible.


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