[Ardour-Users] Plugin help

Henry W. Peters hwpeters at jamadots.com
Wed Dec 23 14:02:55 PST 2009

Hi Lamar,

I downloaded it & built it from source.

1.) Don't pay too much attention to the directions in the "install" 
file, I had to do ./configure, make, (sudo) make install , not just 
'make install' (other distros do this differently?).

2.) I have to figure out how to get it to connect to my sound card, the 
'hw:0' that jackd uses does not work... I'll see if there is some 
support at the GWC home page.

But it does look like a useful program... Thanks much for sharing this 


P.s., I also found a link at the GWC home page 
<http://gwc.sourceforge.net/>regarding disc audio analogue/digital 
conversion: <http://www.tappin.me.uk/Linux/audio.html>, in case any here 
may be interested (there were other links too). The person who did this 
page, did not list Ardour as a (potential) audio editing program (that I 
saw), for these kinds of projects... perhaps someone a little more long 
term involvement with Ardour might be able to diplomatically suggest 
this possibility? Well, anyway, just a thought, for what ever it is 
worth, toward all the outreach discussions I have seen on this list (I 
might do this at some point).

Lamar Owen wrote:
> On Wednesday 23 December 2009 02:20:43 pm Henry W. Peters wrote:
>> Any one here has any suggestions, or what ever in this regard, would be
>> more than appreciated... I guess, as seems often the case, we Linux
>> users have to learn to wing it...
> It's not a plugin, but gwc does do click, pop, and crackle 'work.'  YMMV. 
> http://sourceforge.net/projects/gwc/
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