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Al Thompson biggles58 at sbcglobal.net
Wed Dec 23 12:23:15 PST 2009

Henry W. Peters wrote:
> Thanks Klaumi! & there they were... (-minus pop filters :) ). I became
> the human pop filter... zoom in, delete! Fortunately, the worst pops,
> in this case, were in quiet zones... that had relatively consistent
> ambient sound (decaying harmonics). I looked around on the web for
> some such programs for linux, but didn't find any.
> Any one here has any suggestions, or what ever in this regard, would
> be more than appreciated... I guess, as seems often the case, we Linux
> users have to learn to wing it...

Unfortunately, if there are decaying harmonics behind the "pops" that
you want to remove, the harmonics are going to be affected no matter
what you use to remove the pops.  The only thing I could suggest for you
to try is to use an EQ to EQ out most of the pop while (hopefully)
leaving the wanted sounds relatively unaffected.


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