[Ardour-Users] Mute buttons don't work (2.8.1/F11)

Mike Morris mcmorris95125 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 7 16:27:49 PDT 2009

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New to Ardour & DAWs, but done my homework; read the v2 Tutorial, the online
manual, and many misc tutorials. Have Jack working properly (including w/
Ardour) and have become proficient with at least the basics of both.

Running 2.8.1 on Fedora 11 (jack 0.116.1-5.fc11, qjackctl 0.3.4), and all is
great, except that no channels are mutable. I'm wondering if there's a bug,
after reading about changes in recent (2.7.x) versions about how mute and
solo interact, etc??? But I didn't find anything in release notes, etc.

SETUP: To reduce to simplest case, I've removed all but a single track, and
connected it's outputs directly to System outputs. I've disconnected the
Auditioner outputs and the Click track... only two connections remain, which
are the two outputs from a single stereo track (imported WAV file) going
straight to System:Playback_1 and System:Playback_2. I've killed the
pulse-audio process just in case.

SYMPTOM: Mute button has no effect on output, although it does glow a
marvelous shade of yellow :-) Sound continues to play, but the output meters
(post) do stop showing any activity. Fader continues to work normally.


   - If I add a master buss and route through it, neither the source track
   nor the master mutes affect output.
   - However, adding a new (empty) track allows me to use the solo on that
   channel to mute the other channel. Setting "Show Solo Muting" on the Solo
   Options menu works as expected.

Virtually all combinations of options involving:
Toggling qjackCtl options "Monitor" and "H/W Monitor"
Toggling ardour options under Monitor & Solo
Toggling "Auto Input" and just generally clicking around up there :-)

Any advice greatly appreciated !

PS: Very, very cool piece of software !!!
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