[Ardour-Users] a2jmidid not passing MIDI clock

allan sonofzev at iinet.net.au
Sun Apr 26 04:12:08 PDT 2009

Hi guys 

Sorry for cross-posting.. no one from a2jmidid has seems to respond to
any requests so I thought I may post to these 2 lists... 

I have recently moved from using an ALSA device for audio and MIDI to
moving to an FFADO device (Saffire Pro) for audio and ALSA devices for
MIDI (emagic AMT and Unitor for as well as Behringer BCF).. as the
saffire has a MIDI port this doesn't completely effect me, but could
impact others. 

a2jmidid does not pass MIDI Clock..  To get MIDI clock into ardour3
using FFADO I needed to plug in a cable from a spare port in my amt8 to
the MIDI input of the saffire pro. 

I realise this isn't an issue specifically to ardour or ffado, but
understand that the a2jmidi code maybe being used for new versions of
jackd (which has close relations to ardour to my understanding).. so
this problem can be removed in the future.. 

Thanks for listening.. 


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