[Ardour-Users] time stretch?

david headon davidheadonuk at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Apr 25 18:05:29 PDT 2009

have done both-

bounced to another instance of ardour (with 'varispeed' ) or bring into audacity.
i like the bouncing thing into another ardour for certain things.
Audiacity is a really useful tool. As is SWEEP.

have fun playing with that!
i did.



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There is a timeFX tool, accessed by hitting 'T' or by clicking on its icon in the toolbar, next to the object, range, etc. tools.


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Noel Darlow wrote:

You can bounce a track onto another (Ardour) track with the
shuttle speed slowed down. To fit a specific bar length, you'd need to
calculate a percentage. This will of course stretch *and* shift pitch
locking you in to a specific amount of pitch change in order to get the
length right. I'd probably use Audacity instead (where you can time
stretch without changing pitch) then import the changed file back to

aha! interesting - i hadn't thought to use the shuttle. stretch *and* shift is exactly what i'm looking for; i don't need to fit any specific bar length, it's a non-instrumental recording...

will have a play around with it, thanks!



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