[Ardour-Users] problems with jack in ubuntu

. m u r m e r . murmer at murmerings.com
Mon Apr 13 03:30:54 PDT 2009


first post to the list, hello to all!  i've been using ardour (a convert 
from nuendo) for several months now, both for my own composition work 
and for the production of my radio show (www.murmerings.com, and 
www.frameworkradio.net) and i've been finding it a great tool.  i have a 
few small questions though, and one big recent problem.  i'll start with 
the problem, and maybe we'll see about the small questions another time...

until very recently ardour and jack started up very well on my system.  
it made all the connections it needed, and, although i quickly learned 
that i couldn't use any other playback software on my system at the same 
time (ie vlc, songbird, skype, anything not running through jack), i 
could start work immediately.  but in the last few weeks something odd 
has been happening:  when i launch ardour i get a log message that reads:

"[WARNING]: no outputs available for auditioner - manual connection 

then ardour opens the project, but i have no playback.  i then have to 
manually open jack and click 'connect'.  if i'm lucky, the 'input ports' 
field will include 'system playback', to which i can manually connect 
ardour's master outs, but sometimes 'system playback' is missing.  
somehow with lots of fiddling i've always managed to get sound, but it's 
tedious and worrying, especially since everything used to function 
automatically with no problems.  does anyone have any advice for me?

thanks, and thanks for this great piece of software,


|||  www.murmerings.com |||

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