[Ardour-Users] Is my Jamin installation corrupted?

Jan Depner eviltwin69 at cableone.net
Sun Sep 14 18:08:24 PDT 2008

Yes, that's about right.  JAMin is designed for final mastering and uses
a boatload of resources.  Normally I run Ardour master
out->JAMin->stereo track in Ardour.  If that combination eats up too
much of the system I'll export the master track, create a new Ardour
session with just the master track, and then run Ardour
master->JAMin->Ardour stereo track.  The ability to mix and master at
the same time is pretty much unique to Ardour and JAMin as far as I
know.  It's definitely not necessary to do that for most mastering


On Mon, 2008-09-15 at 10:19 +1000, Greg Vaughan wrote:
> Hey everyone...
> Is Jamin a real resource hog? or do I just have something screwed up?
> When I start Jack it shows the RT at around 5.5%... if I start a
> typical session in Ardour with 9 tracks and 3 plugins on each track it
> jumps to around 17% and 25% under load... However if I start Jamin
> with nothing else attached it goes to 45% straight away? does this
> sound right? If it is it is pretty resource hungry... any feedback
> would be appreciated...
> Cheers
> Greg Vaughan
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