[Ardour-Users] Problem with app on mac intel

Peter O'Doherty mail at peterodoherty.net
Wed Sep 3 08:50:31 PDT 2008

Up to today ardour was working fine (Mac Native version). However,  
for some reason, it will not open at all today. If I click on the  
app, Ardour atempts to open but fails almost straightaway without  
giviing an error message.

I tried re-installing and also changing to the non-Mac native version  
but the same happens.

I may have deleted an app recently which ardour needs but can't think  
what that might be. Can anyone help? Do you recognise this behaviour  
in ardour?

(I'm on 10.4.11)

Many thanks,
Peter O'Doherty

Peter O'Doherty

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