[Ardour-Users] Signal Flow

Kevin Cosgrove kevinc at cosgroves.us
Sat Oct 25 14:51:24 PDT 2008

I'm having trouble picturing the signal flow through the mixer in
ardour.  Is this correct:

An "insert" breaks the signal flow, sends it to something, an
expects that something to send the presumably processed signal
back to the insert where the signal continues to the next block.

A "send" copies the signal and sends it to something, making no
provisions that the signal would come back.

A "plugin", hmm...  Does this clone the original signal, send it
to the processor, and then blend the processed signal with the
dry signal?

With that out of the way, even though questions remain, I'd like
to do some specific things, which I know how to do just fine in a
hardware mixer.

I want tone control.  I've added postfader EQ "plugin" to the the
mixer channels of my choice.  This seems to give me the sound
I want.  In a hardware mixer, the tone control is a built-in
insert, isn't it?  Should I be using an insert here instead of a

I want compression on some tracks.  For this the insert seems to
be essential.  Once I create the insert, then I can configure
where to connect it.  But, I can't figure out how to assign the
insert connections to go through a compressor plugin.  How does
that work?

For f/x, like reverb, I've been using post fader sends to a bus
which has a post fader gverb plugin.  Does that seem right?

FWIW, before posting here I did check the ardour manual, and I
did look through several pages of the ardour "how do I..." forum.

Thanks all....


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