[Ardour-Users] Question from a new list member

Christian christian08 at runbox.com
Fri Oct 24 11:30:47 PDT 2008

Hi Ralf,
Many thanks for your email.
I will visit the 64studio website and download it. The question is if is possible to install the system with braille using BRLTTY. Going to subscribe to their mailing list as well.
Many thanks for all your help,

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Christian wrote:
> Another thing is the audio problem. I am not able to use alsa as the audio output. Ubuntu defaults to Pulseaudio.

Hi Christian :)

this is one argument to choose 64 Studio, the second argument is that
all audio apps are old, but for most hardware stable. I'm having a
multiboot with some Suse and some 64 Studio. I again recommend that you
give 64 Studio a chance, you can do a dualboot for Hardy and 64 Studio 2.1.

You might have the same trouble with Orca, but you won't have to think
about the audio applications. ALSA is running there using a RT kernel
and applications for artists stable by default, excepted for some
hardware that isn't fine for any Linux.

There also is a mailing list for 64 Studio with kind people. I guess JAD
and Ubuntu Studio might have a less good free support and I won't think
about distros like Dynebolic. They all might have their advantages,
that's why I'm using Suse too, but the easiest way seems to use 64 Studio.


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