[Ardour-Users] punch-in with hardware monitoring - latency problem

Arnold Krille arnold at arnoldarts.de
Fri Nov 28 09:32:44 PST 2008

Am Freitag, 28. November 2008 schrieb plutek-infinity:
> "you cannot do zero latency input monitoring *and* playback on
> the same channel. the hardware just doesn't allow it."
> perhaps that's my answer... the multiface can't switch between playback and
> live monitoring that way?
> hmmmm.... i guess the only way, then, would be something like reserving a
> *different* channel on the multiface for the incoming and monitor signal,
> separate from those used for playback of existing tracks. so, always
> punching in on a separate track/channel, and combining the playlists as
> required later. or something. it's a bit clumsy.

I don't think its the hardware as in "the multiface" that doesn't allow it. 
Its the hardware as in "every hardware audio device" that doesn't allow zero 
latency monitoring and playback on the same channel. Which is simply because 
either you have zero-latency monitoring (as in 0ms latency) which is then 
done in hardware, most times even by analog mixing, or you have 
record/playback where the sound goes from the device to the pc and back. And 
while this connection can (and should) be low-latency it can _never_ be zero 
latency (despite what manufacturers with the other os or with dedicated dsp 
systems might tell you).

But from my experience ardour does a good job on compensating for the shift 
when you do punch in on a track that already has stuff on it. Or you can 
punch in and out a little before and after the real points in time and then 
cut the recording to the real positions and move it if ardour can't determine 
the actual latency. This might happen when you use freebob where the systems 
latency is a bit different on each start or restart after freewheeling.

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