[Ardour-Users] punch-in with hardware monitoring - latency problem

plutek-infinity plutek at infinity.net
Fri Nov 28 09:04:38 PST 2008


i'm using ardour v2.7 with an RME Multiface and hardware monitoring for the headphone mix in a multi-tracking situation. 

so, previously-recorded tracks get read off disk and played back from ardour through the multiface to headphones, while new tracks being recorded are added to the headphone mix *directly* within the multiface, routed appropriately using hdspmixer. this gives zero-latency monitoring of live playing, and ardour *usually* correctly compensates for latency, when writing the tracks.

i say *usually*, because it only seems to work when the transport is record-engaged from the *beginning* of any given transport "roll". if i arm some tracks to record, but start transport in play mode, then punch-in by hitting shift-R while transport is rolling, the recorded portion of the armed tracks is not latency-compensated -- i.e. it ends up sitting too late with respect to the other tracks.

i was all excited when i recently (finally) put 2 and 2 together, and found that it was possible to multitrack with higher latency, using hardware monitoring and ardour's automatic latency compensation -- some of my sessions with very high track counts were starting to xrun while overdubbing, using ardour's monitoring and very low-latency jack settings. this punch-in problem is a show-stopper, though.

i don't see anything in mantis about this sort of thing, so i thought i'd ask here first; is this "user error", or a bug?



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