[Ardour-Users] OT: Plug-in development

Michael Dunn md at cantares.on.ca
Wed Nov 26 11:15:17 PST 2008

>however, you might want to follow a very different path. take a look at
>faust. this is a specialized language, designed explicitly for
>expressing DSP algorithms very efficiently. having written your faust
>code, the faust compiler converts it to C (which is often significantly
>faster than anything you would ever write by hand). but it does more
>than that - it will wrap your DSP algorithm up to become various kinds
>of plugins (VST, AU, LADSPA and even a standalone JACK client).
>if you're more interested in the algorithm than programming or GUI
>development, and want incredibly fast code as a nice side effect, then
>learning and using faust would make immense sense.

    Whoa, that sounds perfect! I've DL'd it -- hope I can figure out 
how to build/install it. It does say it works with OSX...

if anyone cares, my main goal is to write a B-format to UHJ encoder. 
I've already done a stand-alone off-line one in Python/Numeric, but 
it's slow. And of course, you can't monitor in real-time.

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