[Ardour-Users] 2.7 PPC Startup problem

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Fri Nov 21 22:54:15 PST 2008

On Fri, 2008-11-21 at 23:38 -0500, Michael Dunn wrote:
> I have a fully up-to-date OSX10.4PPC, and I can't start up. I got an 
> Ardour message a few times saying it couldn't start Jack (jack 
> 0.101.3), but mostly I get the standard Apple crash dialog:

on the page:


it says, regarding JACK,

       Make sure you have version 0.76 or newer.

it is true that we have made the situation with JACK version numbers
very complex, but basically you need to install JackOS 0.76 or newer.
your version is too old.

i don't know how we can make this any clearer to users than at present.
ardour does not come with an installer that can check for these things.
i have already added a wrapper script that checks that JACK actually
*is* installed, but requiring it to check the version is more onerous. 

if you have ideas how i could have it more obvious what you need to do,
please let me know.


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