[Ardour-Users] ardour 2.6.1 install question // linux ubuntu

Johannes Mario Ringheim jri at broadpark.no
Fri Nov 7 05:17:20 PST 2008

jk at jasonkahn.net skreiv:
> hello
> i am trying to upgrade to ardour 2.6.1 from v. 2.5.
> my only problem is with the libasound2-dev library, which i can?t 
> install as it requires libasound2 library v. 1.0.16-2ubuntu1, which is 
> actually part of the ubuntu unstable ?intrepid? package. i am currently 
> running ubuntu ?hardy? (8.04).
> my question: has anyone successfully installed ardour 2.6.1 on ubuntu 8.04?

Yes. Me. As far as I remember I didn't have to do anything special, and 
I'm certain that I installed all the dependencies through apt, using the 
standard repositories. Unfortunately I can't help you more than that, 
but it should be useful to know that it should work.


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