[Ardour-Users] State of Gentoo for audio was Mac recommendations

Antonio Castellano stanzarossa at email.it
Thu Nov 6 23:29:33 PST 2008

i can advice you 64studio wich is based on debian (stability) and has 
got very good performaces on my intel core 1,6 ghz, wich is not a 
monster machine. it boots in less than 10 seconds and has the same if  
not better performance than my old debian with custom kernel (maybe even 
because i switched from kde to their version of gnome).
and the compatibility ith debian should give you al the packages you 
need in conjunction with all the benefits from debian wich is a rock 
solid distro.

> For me this is scary news...
> I have noticed that some things seem to be happening with Gentoo.. but 
> I have tried a few different distros this year and can't find a 
> suitable replacement...
> Maybe it's me but I found it difficult to get anything that equalled 
> in speed and performance... also gentoo comes closest to having all 
> the packages I need working...
> Am I being naive to keep pushing, or is it really time to look at 
> something else more seriously and give up some of the performance 
> benefits of having a system completely CPU optimised??
>     As a LONG time Gentoo user - now almost 9 years on one machine - I'm
>     so sorry to hear this, but I concur. There really seems to be a number
>     of fundamental problems with the platform these day. Not so much with
>     the software itself, but rather with the mentality of the people
>     making decisions about Gentoo that effect our day-to-day lives.
>     I'm sorry to see you go. I was sorry to see Geoff go. I will likely
>     one day soon be sorry to see myself go.
>     Cheers,
>     Mark
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