[Ardour-Users] Ardour 2.6 OSX PPC 10.5.5 Xrun Extraveganza

Matthew Polashek matt at tinysongs.net
Thu Nov 6 08:35:30 PST 2008

Ok, so I have Jack 0.79 installed.  My Mac G5 PPC is fully up to date 
10.5.5.  I have a M-Audio Firewire 1814 installed.  I have the latest 
Ardour off the IRC for PPC Native.  when I launch Jack, everything is 
cool  (Lately I have to set my 1814 as my computer's default, then it 
works...dunno why that changed.)  Then I launch Ardour and the Xruns 
just start running.  In the time it took me to launch ardour, create a 
track, and roll for 3 seconds, I accumulated over 750 xruns.  The most 
common error is this one:

JackAudioDriver::ProcessAsync Process error

Any ideas?


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