[Ardour-Users] subscription support down, your ideas sought

Martin Lynch martin.lynch at shaw.ca
Tue May 13 19:21:52 PDT 2008

> Ardour subscription support fell by nearly 20% last month. Out of the
> thousands of downloaders, just 117 people were subscribing during April,
> and only another 5-10 people made one-time donations.
> It is vitally important that the financial support for Ardour gets
> distributed across more than just 100+ people and a couple of companies
> (who could decide to change their minds at any time, as SSL did). If you
> have ideas for how to widen the pool of people who support Ardour,
> especially in an ongoing way, please share them with me via this mailing
> list. I'm particularly interested in ideas that don't actually take me
> much time, either in terms of research or implementation.
> thanks,
> --p

HI Paul,

I used to be a subscriber. Then I discovered some fraudulent 
transactions on my PayPal account (completely unrelated to my Ardour 
subscription) which left me pretty wary of using PayPal. I posted on the 
Ardour forums about the possibility of using Google Checkout. I then 
went so far as to contact Google, and posted their response. Then I 
contacted you directly, following up. Then I contacted you again, 
wanting to donate $50/month. Then I asked if you are able to receive 
funds via an email transfer. In the meantime, I got my company to agree 
to donate $500. Then I asked for your address so I could send you some 
cheques. Then I gave up, having received no responses...


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