[Ardour-Users] 2.4.1 transport problem

Brett Clark brett.clark at zirous.com
Wed May 7 10:50:10 PDT 2008

This may be grabbing at straws, but is your session
set to be the time master? 


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Subject: [Ardour-Users] 2.4.1 transport problem

I've been mixing all day and just hit a problem. When I open
one of the sessions I've been working on, the xterm I start
ardour from fills up with "Slave not locked, not rolling"
messages. This is a bit of a mystery, as I haven't clicked
on anything which would cause it to do this. I'm using jamin,
but not jack transport.

At first I just ignored this, but now the playhead refuses
to move when the play button is clicked. I could abandon
the session and start again from a backup I did yesterday,
but I'm reluctant to ditch several hours of work. My
customer is picking up the finished tracks tomorrow morning
(it's 6pm here now), so I have to finish this regardless.

I'm using 2.4.1 with jack 0.109.2. Has anyone got any ideas
about what could be happening here?

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