[Ardour-Users] [Alsa-User] Compilation issue.

J M Needham J.M.Needham at bath.ac.uk
Tue May 6 05:40:23 PDT 2008

Dear All,

I'm new on this list, so forgive any faux pas through ignorance. I have
already looked on the archives for the answer to this and on google and
have only found one thing.

When I compile Ardour 2.4.1 on Ubuntu hardy heron, I get to the coremidui

Checking for C header file
(cached) no
Checking for C header file
(cached) no
Checking for C header file
(cached) no

And then scons tells me I have an error and it cannot build the makefile.

One post said to ignore teh messages as they apply to os x, but my box
stops immediately after those. One person commented out the lines about
/System/.../CoreMidi and then immediately had another error which ws not
solved on the fori.

This happens to me on two Hardy Heron boxes; but I've had successful
builds on another HH box and a GG box. (Ardour 2.4.1 is brilliant, btw --
absolutely outstanding).

Anyone got any ideas? I have run #apt-get build-dep ardour and I have
libasound and its header files installed.


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