[Ardour-Users] gain automation point is crashing jackd

Justin M. Streiner streiner at cluebyfour.org
Mon Mar 31 17:45:05 PDT 2008

Just a quick follow-up... I deleted the offending gain automation point 
in the bass channel, and the crash problem went away.  I still have backup 
copy of the original session file if it's needed for debugging purposes.


On Sun, 30 Mar 2008, Justin M. Streiner wrote:

> I'm trying to master the last song of a project I've been working on for
> quite some time and it seems that a gain automation data point in one
> channel of the song will crash jackd, at which point Ardour pops up an
> error that it's been disconnected from JACK and jamin freezes up.
> If I let everything sit for a bit (~30 seconds), Ardour will sometimes
> crash.  The only way I've found to get everything going again is to exit
> Ardour and jamin, and re-start them.
> The problem definitely appears to be specific to one gain automation
> data point.  If I move the point earlier or later in the channel, the
> crash follows the change.  If I stop playback, move the playhead past the
> offending point and resume, the remainder of the song plays without
> issues.
> I get the following error at the time of the crash, in the terminal window
> I used to launch Ardour and jamin:
> (ardour-2.3:17589): Gdk-CRITICAL **: gdk_drawable_real_draw_pixbuf:
> assertion `src_y >= 0 && src_y + height <= pixbuf->height' failed
> subgraph starting at jamin timed out (subgraph_wait_fd=13, status = 0,
> state = Running)
> It also happens whether I'm mastering this song (routing Ardour's master
> outs to jamin's INs, then routing jamin's OUTs to a separate stereo track
> in Ardour) or just playing the tracks back.  The error only happens when
> both Ardour and jamin are running.
> This is hapening on my main workstation:
>   2.8 GHz Pentium 4, 2 GB RAM, SATA drives (verified good transfer rates
> with hdparm and bonnie++)
> Gentoo, Intel x86, 32-bit, 2.6.24-r3 kernel, configured for low-latency
>   operation.
> ALSA version is whatever was wired into this kernel
> Ardour 2.3.1 from Gentoo's portage tree
> jack 0.109.2 from Gentoo's portage tree, running in realtime mode, 48kHz
>   sample rate, buffer size 1024, 2 buffers
> There is nothing unusual about the gain automation point in question.
> Any ideas?  I didn't see anything related in mantis/forums/google.
> Thanks
> jms
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