[Ardour-Users] No waveforms in 2.3

Gregory Anderson gymjb at stu.ca
Tue Mar 4 10:19:09 PST 2008

On Mon, 2008-03-03 at 20:14 +0100, Wolfgang Woehl wrote:
> Gregory Anderson:
> > created another problem.  I cannot resize the editor window
> > horizontally.  It is stuck at the size it currently is (which is
> > actually wider than my screen).
> Hold the Alt-key while mouse-dragging the editor to where you can 
> reach the window's maximize button.

I can reach the maximise button.  When it is 'maximised' so that it
should fill the screen it goes to the size of the screen (plus a bit
horizontally) like it should stays where it is.  i.e. I can maximise it
anywhere I wish.  But since it is maximised I can't adjust it at all.
When I 'de-maximise' it I can move it how I should be able to and can
make it different sizes.  I can shirk and enlarge it vertically.  I can
shrink and enlarge it horizontally as well, but I cannot make it any
smaller than the horizontal size it opens at.  Which is wider than my

There is no (normal) way to make the window fit on my screen
horizontally.  i.e. it is too wide.

This may or may not be related but I just realized that the fonts are
larger than they were before.  

> > I guess I will try to use the 
> > command "mv ardour2_ui.conf ardour2_ui.conf.old".  I just have one
> > question though, do you have any idea where this file is, I am
> > having trouble finding it?
> Better do it like Doug said: Go to menu Window -> Theme manager -> 
> click "Restore defaults".

This didn't work before which is why I asked about it.  But it worked
this time (I reinstalled it-and now have the weird window problem).

> Wolfgang

I am going to re-install it again and see if that does anything.
Thanks, everyone for your help thus far.  

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