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Christopher Stamper christopherstamper at gmail.com
Fri Jul 11 07:09:34 PDT 2008

"Concerning the ease of adjustment, there is, I think, a line between
'needless eye-candy' and 'helpful visibles' (unfortunately this line is
hard to draw). Needless to say that the rotary knobs belong to the
'needless eye-candy' category."

I agree. Knobs are dumb.

*But*, sometimes we need something a little more than what we have. For
example, it's much easier to draw an EQ curve than adjust a ton of little
sliders.. :-)

The screenshot on the ardour.org site,
http://ardour.org/files/main-screenshot-small.png , shows an interesting
window titled 'x-fade edit'. I'm not sure if its a plugin or not, but I sure
would like some plugins to look like that. Compressor curves, EQ curves, etc
would be so easy to use.

Christopher Stamper

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