[Ardour-Users] Motherboard hints and tips?

Matt Savigear mcs_ardour at savigear.com
Thu Jan 31 05:36:36 PST 2008

Jonathan Stowe wrote:
> This computer is running a 64bit Linux and I'm quite happily using it
> 'normally'.

Yes, just to echo the others with this sentiment, I've been running 
various 64bit machines for a while now and not had any problems.

I _have_had trouble with the USB handling of an ECS SLI board for AMD64 
which caused my Tascam USB device to crackle on playback, an issue I 
never found a fix for. My new Gigabit p35-based motherboard seems to 
work like a charm though I must confess I haven't had a chance to test 
it much beyond playing back a simple ardour session.



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