[Ardour-Users] Motherboard hints and tips?

Arnold Krille arnold at arnoldarts.de
Thu Jan 31 04:56:35 PST 2008


Am Donnerstag, 31. Januar 2008 schrieb Mark Greenwood:
> Having delved into why I'm getting 30% CPU usage with 4 tracks in
> Ardour, my VIA motherboard would seem to be to blame. So, it's time for
> me to build a new PC. I want to build it from scratch, since I've never
> done it before and I like a challenge and also I don't want to buy an
> off-the-shelf PC and get a useless Vista CD.... Back when it was my job
> to understand this stuff, I understood this stuff, but that was a long
> time ago. I've been researching and find myself bewildered by the range
> of options and makes and terminology.

Don't buy MSI. I got one of their boards and it only works "satisfactory" when 
I disable all the interrupt-debugging/checking, because it fires spurious 
interrupts from the PATA-irqs (where only a dvd is connected) when nothing is 
active on that bus.

> I've decided on a Core 2 Duo processor since heat generation and
> therefore fan noise is one of my top priorities (my current Athlon
> system sounds like a vacuum cleaner and keeps me awake at night from the
> next room!). Also I don't want to run a 64-bit system because I still
> want to be able to use it 'normally, and I've read of a few software
> compatability problems with 64-bit systems.

Which is a statement that _really_ is from the past! Except for some strange 
pd-externals and proprietary flash, all I know that can or could be used is 
running fine with 64bit. And if your distro of choice is good enough it even 
installs a 32bit-chroot where flash and things alike can run. From my 
experience there is _no_ advantage of running 32bit when 64bit are available. 
That is like running 16bit-DOS when the system could do 32bit...

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