[Ardour-Users] Subscription D-Day time

Luc Tanguay lucus at sympatico.ca
Tue Jan 29 16:27:02 PST 2008

I made a man of myself and renew my subscription :-)
I use Ardour more than last year but still have a hard time finishing my 
songs... and I don't blame Ardour...
Thanks for the great software.


Paul Davis wrote:
> In another few weeks, it will be 12 months since the first round of
> Ardour subscriptions began, and the natural termination point for those
> subscriptions will have been reached. Although I am receiving funding
> from 2 audio technology-related sources at present, the subscriptions
> program is absolutely vital to Ardour's future success. The sponsorship
> arrangements could, as Solid State Logic demonstrated last year, end at
> any time. A diverse stream of funding for Ardour is the only way to
> ensure that it continues to be developed at a reasonable rate. Unlike
> Apache, Ardour is not even close to "complete", and is chasing an
> ever-moving target. Subscriptions and donations continue to raise
> somewhere between US$1000 and US$1500 per month, which can be viewed 2
> ways:
>    * Totally mindblowingly awesome for an open source project
>    * A complete failure for a piece of software with at least 20k
>         downloads a month
> I prefer to focus on the former, but both contain their share of truth.
> If you are an existing Ardour donor, thank you. If you are a subscriber,
> thank you for your confidence and belief in the project. If you are a
> subscriber whose subscription will come to an end soon, please consider
> renewing for another year. And of course, if you are not a subscriber or
> donor, please consider revisiting those options.
> Coming up February 6th will v2.3, which will contain Ardour's new pet,
> Rhythm Ferret, which offers some of the capabilities of ProTools' Beat
> Detective. There will be the usual list of bug fixes, and several more
> nice features related to managing tempo maps and using them.
> thanks to everyone for their continued belief in this project,
> --p
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