[Ardour-Users] Ardour 2.2 released

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Tue Jan 15 12:01:07 PST 2008

Ardour version 2.2 has been released, filled with several significant
new features and lots of helpful bugfixes. The editing model has been
significantly improved for much faster workflow, and Ardour now uses
the RubberBand library for timestretching (and offers pitchshifting as

Source code: http://ardour.org/files/releases/ardour-2.2.tar.bz2

Linux distribution repositories will pick up the new version within the
next few days/weeks.

OS X Native Version

Please read http://ardour.org/osx_native_release for information about
the status of our OS X native (X11-free) version.  Important note for
upgrading from 2.1 or earlier

Please note that for several of the new features and fixes listed
below, it is necessary to remove or update the following files if you
have them in your ~/.ardour2 directory:

    * ardour2_ui.rc
    * ardour.bindings
    * ardour2_ui.conf 

We have still not come up with an easy way to "upgrade" per-user files
when we change key bindings, the menu structures and add/remove
various UI color codes.

New Features

    * new editing model includes removal of edit cursor, addition of
"edit point" & "edit range" concepts (more details at
    * new meter colors
    * level meters added to editor tracks
    * new keybinding editor (mostly for OS X native, where menu-driven
keybindings are not available, but useful with X11 too)
    * use RubberBand for timestretch instead of SoundTouch (you must
have the single precision version of libfftw (fftw3f) installed to use
    * RubberBand-based pitch shifting
    * ability to lock markers/locations
    * duplicate now operates without a "count" dialog by default (count
dialog still available via Alt-d)
    * splice mode is now something closer to ProTools shuffle mode
    * Simplified the CD toc/cue creation process by allowing regular cd
location markers (not only range markers) to indicate CD track
boundaries. The previous functionality of markers serving as track
indexes within ranges is unaffected.
    * added cd marker ruler, which displays and allows quick addition of
cd track markers/ranges when visible, otherwise the cd markers are shown
in the normal mark/range rulers.
    * new focus-on-primary clock command
    * new 1-touch/click recording command
    * new zoom-to-region command
    * new toggle-zoom command
    * play-selected-regions now plays in-place
    * scroll left&right now work
    * alt-scroll up/down simulates scroll left/right for users with
pointing devices that lack this
    * possible to link region&track selection, or not
    * per-keyboard layout bindings files are now possible (e.g. ANSI,
German, UK etc)
    * new play-at-edit-point-and-return command
    * new goto-marker-N commands
    * new session dialog only appears when necessary
    * tempo handling now allows specifying the note used as the beat
type so that 80bpm doesn't have to mean just one thing
    * shift-click now extends region selection vertically across tracks
    * scroll events on rulers now zoom the track display
    * add -d/--disable-plugins startup flag to disable all plugins and
allow reloading broken sessions 


    * add scons uninstall target
    * don't read data from disk associated with 100% obscured regions
    * prevent plugins from appearing twice on the automation submenu
    * make "Hide all automation" work again
    * fix crash when tracks/busses have more outputs than the control
out bus
    * make region selection obey edit groups
    * fix crash caused by invalidated crossfade
    * new ancestral data for length + position stored for regions
    * correct peak file generation for imported files
    * new mouse zoom focus
    * mouse scrubbing becomes mouse shuttle control
    * improve dragging of region gain line
    * prevent CD marker from being set at frame zero
    * stop import dialog from trying to play files that are not
    * fix crash caused by deleting markers
    * edit point clock will move the selected marker
    * move location bar to bottom row of rulers
    * sync point indicators extend across entire region height
    * fix crash caused by crash removal
    * fix memory leaks in audiofile
    * don't put NDF/DF in clocks if there is no DF/NDF alternative
    * make deselect-all and invert-selection operations work properly
    * deep, deep fix for what do if we can't run process() because of
work in other threads; may stop crashes in TAP Echo and other plugins,
not to mention other nonsense
    * fix waveview display on the crossfade editor
    * make rec-enable MIDI bindable again
    * numerous fixes and small improvements to Mackie Control support
    * prevent export from starting up when disconnected from JACK
    * import dialog on OS X native version includes shortcuts to the
Garageband loops and sampler files
    * fix crash caused by diskstreams having more channels than their
track's port count
    * report duplicate port errors during session loading more usefully
    * do not do disk i/o from inactive tracks
    * new german translation
    * updated swedish translation
    * dozens of other smaller bugs, buglets and annoyances fixed 

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