[Ardour-Users] EQ plugin recommendations?

Bill Gribble grib at billgribble.com
Thu Jan 10 10:28:54 PST 2008

John Rigg <au at sound-man.co.uk> writes:
> FIL-plugins has a good multi-band parametric that works well
> with Ardour. Debian has a fil-plugins package; don't know about
> other distros.

I used the "nova" EQ plugins on a recent session and liked them a lot.

There are high shelf, low shelf, and single-band parametric in the
package, so you can put just as much EQ as you want on the track.  The
controls make sense and seem to do what they advertise.  The plugins had
no denormal problems for me.  I haven't done any critical comparisons,
but I liked the sound of the EQ on my recordings of acoustic instruments
and voice.


So far, in the "trinity" of eq/dynamics/verb I am landed on nova for EQ,
SC* for dynamics (not least b/c SC4 is the only LADSPA compressor I know
of that shows gain reduction!) , and either GVerb or the CAPS C* Plate
Reverb (I actually didn't use GVerb at all on this session but I like it

Bill Gribble


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