[Ardour-Users] Can not record track more than once with JACK sync source

Emmanuel Saracco esaracco at free.fr
Wed Feb 20 01:57:38 PST 2008

Hi all,

I do not know how to describe that one in the bugtracker, so I post it 
here at first.

[Ardour version: ardour-2.3, SVN ardour-2.0-ongoing]
[JACK version: 0.109.2]
[arch: x86_64]

I have big troubles with Ardour, recording track more than once.
Recording is ok. But once it stops I can't do other records on the same
track: recording goes on, but nothing is grabbed on the new region.

And with a little more tries, Ardour will sometime crash loading the 

Ardour's JACK connection for this "Record" track are:

"Record/out 1" -> none
"Record/out 2" -> none
"master/out 1" -> "Record/in 2" and "playback_1"
"master/out 2" -> "Record/in 1" and "playback_2"

After some investigation I found a way to "bypass" those problem. Hum, 
in fact it is just a way to manually delete the track, and work again 
with my session:

1/ Edit manually the .ardour file.
2/ Remove all sections for the track (Source, DiskStream, Route, Playlist).
3/ Remove all history tags in .history file.

Then I can do a new record (but I have to recreate the track and all
JACK connections).

And if I stop recording, same problem... and I must edit .ardour file etc.

Any idea?

You will find in attachment:

1/ justasmile.ardour_bad
2/ jusasmile.ardour_ok

-> Important note: this problem appears only when the sync source is set 
to "JACK". All is ok (but useless in my case because I have to work with 
other JACK applications) when it is set to "Internal".

Tell me if you need more.



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