[Ardour-Users] IN-active tracks cause disk overruns?

Brett Clark brett.clark at zirous.com
Fri Feb 8 06:25:22 PST 2008

I had the same issue 2 nights ago.  I have about 12 tracks and 8 busses in
my session and if i set one of the tracks as inactive i would get the 'disk
couldnt keep up' message.  The odd thing was that it would continue playing
even with that message up.  Then i reactivated the track and the playback 
stopped.  Weird, huh?
By the way, i was doing mixdown so i wasnt recording at the time,
only listening.  Unfortunately im not at my computer and i dont remember
if im at Ardour 2.2 or 2.3.  I know its one of those two, but i dont know which one.
Im also on Fedora Core 5 with an Intel processor.
Ill try and see if i can reproduce this during the weekend and verify my version.


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Subject: [Ardour-Users] IN-active tracks cause disk overruns?

I played ~20 tracks of a song getting ready to record 8
simultaneous tracks of drums.  Since I only needed 4 tracks to do
the drum recording I figured I'd make it easy on my system and
deactivate the 16 unrequired tracks.  After I did that I couldn't
play even two beats of the song without getting a warning from
Ardour saying that my disk couldn't keep up.  When I reactivated
those tracks, then once again the disk kept up with Ardour.

This seems really backwards to me.  What am I not understanding?

FWIW, back with Ardour 0.99.3 deactivating tracks helped the disk
overrun problem.  Now I'm using Ardour 2.2.



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