[Ardour-Users] LV2

Thomas GH Dorsch||Pianist & Composer info at pianowave.com
Mon Feb 4 08:04:59 PST 2008


I am having trouble with Rosegarden, Ardour works fine (Jacklab)

So, I am thinking to use LogicPro on my Mac and control my LinuxBox via 

I have JackPilot on my Mac, also Ardour.

Now, is there a way that I can route MidiSignals via the ethernet from 
Jackpilot on OSX ot Jack on Linux?

Or should I better get another midi interface, would love to save the 


PS. Rosegarden acts a bit random, records when I don't want to record, 
routes midi wrong, crashes happily quite too often. All this in E17, 
will try in KDE, too - but does this really make a difference?

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