[Ardour-Users] Motherboard hints and tips?

Arnold Krille arnold at arnoldarts.de
Fri Feb 1 02:26:06 PST 2008

Am Donnerstag, 31. Januar 2008 schrieb Mark Knecht:
> I have not seen *any* Gentoo install that does a real chroot as part
> of the install. That's not what my 64-bit system does nor is it what I
> was speaking of. (Which you clearly understand.) Mine uses (if I
> choose to use it) 32-bit binaries in the 64-bit environment with the
> help of the 32-bit emulation libraries. I don't think there is a real
> chroot there but possibly I'm mistaken about that.

Ah, okay, small missunderstanding. The installation of the 32bit apps is done 
in a 32bit-chroot. Then you can use them in 64bit environment (with the 
emul-*-libs). But isn't that even easier?

> I admit that since they Gentoo 64-bit devs created better 32-bit
> emulation libraries that the 32-bit stuff has worked better, but it
> certainly doesn't work as well as my wife's native 32-bit Gentoo
> machine. Java & flash both have issues whether I use the 32-bit or
> 64-bit Firefox, so at times I use both.

But I wouldn't blame gentoo for the faults of flash and java, would you?

/me is waiting for 64bit- or opensource-versions of the (original) 

Anyway, have a nice weekend.

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