[Ardour-Users] error to many open peak files

sh0099 sh0099 at gmx.de
Thu Dec 25 09:27:12 PST 2008

ok i got it
the error was this one:

raptor error - XML I/O error: Too many open files

and the solution is to set the in etc/security/limits.conf
the filenumber to a higer value.
i had 1024 and set it to 65536
with this lines
* soft nofile 1024
* hard nofile 65535

but does ardour writes to a logfile somewhere?

sh0099 schrieb:
> when i tried to open a generated session i got a message in the ardour
> log-window that ardour could not open a peak file because to many files
> are open... i use:
> Ardour/GTK 2.5
> (kompiliert mit Version 3525 und GCC Version4.2.3 (Ubuntu 
> 4.2.3-2ubuntu7))
> is there a solution for this problem?
> is there a log file somewhere(?)
> because i can not scroll in the window when it get closed when i stop
> trying to open the file.
> thanks
> olaf
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