[Ardour-Users] The future for Linux multimedia looks bright

Susanne Schneider suseguitar at gmx.de
Tue Dec 23 05:11:37 PST 2008

hi there,
when I started with Linux in 2004 I made some few but serios mistakes 
which broke my system. Since then I have always more than one os on my 
laptop (on different partitions sharing one datapartition), now I have 
three of them, Suse 10.3, Suse 11, and since last week Suse 11.1, my new 
playground, which I'm just building up/extending to be usable for my 
Audio needs. Furthermore I regularly make full backups of my Linuxes to 
an external harddrive with the "cp -ax" command, so, if I might run into 
trouble with any new package running worse than the previous one I 
always have my backup. I love my Suses with self configured rt-kernel 
(still experimenting with it, can't stop that).
I felt the new Jack2 packages from Packman as a big performancestep on 
my machine (Lenovo R61, Lexicon Omega Stusio USB).
Unfortunately Jack2 packages are no longer available on Packman so I had 
to build that stuff on my own for the 11.1, other people may suffer from 
I'm a hobbymusician
>> Also, how do others handle upgrading to new releases?
>> Joe Kokosa (recently joined the list)

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