[Ardour-Users] The future for Linux multimedia looks bright

Cassiel raffaele.morelli at gmail.com
Mon Dec 22 01:19:03 PST 2008

2008/12/22 Joe Kokosa <hotguac at comcast.net>

> I think the future of multimedia production using open source software
> is indeed bright.  I've been dabbling with Ardour, Jack, Hydrogen, and
> other open source audio software for a few years and I am amazed at the
> progress in both functionality and stability.  All the contributors and
> especially the lead developers deserve nothing but respect and
> appreciation for their time and hard work.

I agree.

Ardour and linux improved a lot during the last couple of year.
I remember 2005 (debian sarge) and the sound *nightmare*, but nowadays
Ardour & audio in general they did the "giant step" and get them working
it's fairly easy in most cases I think.
So 48Khz thanks to the developers.

> Is anyone on the list using Ardour and other open source software in a
> commercial for-hire studio?  If so, what kind of hardware are you using
> and how many inputs and tracks?
> Also, how do others handle upgrading to new releases?

I use Ardour to record every rehearsal with my band and do some multitrack
recordings. With a poor AC97 onboard soundcard I get 5ms latencies and
realtime fx without xruns and that's simply great to me.

I actually run the latest 2.7.1 svn code.
I regularly update from svn rep and if the compile process ends successfully
("scons done building targets" !!!) I upgrade with no fear.
(lately I experienced some problems and I was stucked at 2.5)

Commercial for-hire studios should probably use the PREFIX variables to have
a try in a safe directory before installing in the "production" one.

Debian fan & Ardour lover
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