[Ardour-Users] The future for Linux multimedia looks bright

Mark Greenwood fatgerman at ntlworld.com
Sun Dec 21 17:23:18 PST 2008

Hi Joe,

> Also, how do others handle upgrading to new releases?

I don't. I have a stable system which does what I want. I installed it more than a year ago. It still does what I want. Why in the world would I want to change anything? :) It's a tool... I don't buy a new set of spanners every time snap-on bring out a new range, and my recording setup is no different.

In my experience with it, upgrading introduces changes or problems.. so you can either be continually keeping up to speed with the changes in the software or you can just make music. Upgrade if you need a new feature, but backup first. I use Clonezilla which simply creates a hard disc image.. it's quick and it's easy and it needs no configuration and ensures I can get back to exactly the state I started from with no fuss. I've used it once after a kernel update screwed with my sound card. I haven't upgraded anything since.


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