[Ardour-Users] Just a suggestion about how to handle bug reports

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
Tue Dec 16 13:29:05 PST 2008

I'm not banned for some mailing list and some of the recipients are very
kind, but their lists are joined by people who maybe should pay
attention to this.

If you want people to report bugs, than

- don't laugh about them and say that they are the only one with that
problem and they should search the web before they do stupid bug
reports. Be careful, sometimes the user might have more knowledge and
you only think you're right.

- you say they are right, but the bug isn't caused by your software,
package-build, wiki, they should search the web and find out them self
where they have to report bugs. Users might be stupid, but they won't
report a bug for their office suit to ALSA and reporting a bug that has
to do with an audio application, might be reported to ALSA, JACK, the
kernel community, because they all have to do with such a bug

- allow people to report without getting subscribed

I'm suggesting this because I misbehaved, when I asked because of a bug.
Now I'm banned for a forum and a mailing list, but they grant me, that I
have pointed out something that was unknown.

But I wasn't the one who pointed out this bug, the web was full of posts
from other people, before I even noticed this bug. When they try to
report something and been laughed at etc., they don't go on like I did,
they won't be idiots like I'm. They won't be banned.

A lot of people change over to windows, a lot of people report bugs and
nobody cares about, a lot of people won't spend hours in reporting
something, by reading rules how to do this, e.g. I was exhorted to write
the German word "das" correctly, because there are rules, that this word
sometimes must be written "dass" instead of "das".

I often reported bugs to people who than said, they are making music too
and that bug didn't exist, a year later it's noticed in a developer list
and they have long threads about it and they wonder why nobody reported
this before.

People don't try to asked, because they have fear to asked in a wrong
kind, the wrong questions. If you report a bug you often hear use this
distro instead of this distro, if you don't like it, or use Windows
instead of Linux, if you don't like it. But you do like a special
distro, application etc. ...

Things went terrible wrong in the community and it's not a borderline
and dyslexic personality like me ... "normal" people have fear to use
Linux, to ask the community.

If anybody is interested in what I noticed about Linux audio and MIDI,
which bugs I have myself etc., I will go on, because I will stay at
Linux for nearly everything, but I guess I have to find something else
for multimedia. Hints for alternatives to Linux are welcome.

Don't worry, I won't write anything again if I'm unwanted.

Good luck for multimedia Linux!

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