[Ardour-Users] building a new machine for Ardour

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
Mon Dec 8 16:58:46 PST 2008


I'm not fine with an ASUS M2A-VM HDMI and a AMD BE-2350 CPU, resp. jackd
seems to crash, when I use MIDI applications, jackd might be stable when
only using Ardour. The Problem with recommendations for hardware is,
that you can't know what exactly was some hardware used for. I seems to
be, that jackd is stable when I just use an application like Rosegarden
to play .mif files, but jackd or what ever? will crash, when I try to

sonofzev at iinet.net.au wrote:
> I've been using a gigabyte ds-3 with ep35 chipset (old now) with an
> e6600 chip (2.4 G core 2 duo) ... and 2 Gb of Ram .. I've been running
> 64bit (I use mostly hardware FX,  soundcraft analog mixer and synths
> so need for VST's... the LADSPA eq's and occasionally FX do what I
> need)... recording in 8 channels with 16 playback with no plugins
> active uses around 10% CPU and no xruns......   at 48 k ... with jackd
> running with p64 and n3 options...
> one fault occured with the Gigabyte the network port died, but I
> believe that was due to dodgy power in the house i was renting....
> cheers
> Allan
> *On Tue Dec 9 8:39 , "Justin M. Streiner" sent:
> *
>     I'm planning to build a new machine to do my audio work early next
>     year.
>     To start off, it will mainly be to mix and master audio that is
>     tracked on
>     other devices, but eventually I plan do do more tracking directly in
>     Ardour. The plan is to be able to record at least 24 tracks
>     simultaneously, with the option of expanding in the future, if needed.
>     That said, does anyone have any recommendations as far as
>     motherboards,
>     etc? In other words have any of you been using hardware that has
>     performed well and been reliable? I've been using Asus mobos for
>     the past
>     4-5 years and been very happy with them. I'm also not against
>     making the
>     switch to AMD CPUs if needed.
>     Beyond that I'm planning to have two hardware SATA-300 RAID sets
>     in the
>     box - a mirrored set for the system drive and a striped/mirrored
>     set for
>     for the audio data. I do plan to get a mobo that can handle > 4 GB of
>     RAM, but I don't think I'll put more than 4 into the box until it
>     makes
>     more sense to make the jump to 64-bit...
>     jms

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