[Ardour-Users] Building Ardour 2.7, what to do with v. 2.5?

Henry W. Peters hwpeters at jamadots.com
Mon Dec 1 13:46:37 PST 2008


I just downloaded the recommended tarball for Ardour 2.7. I presently 
have v. 2.5...

1.) Do I need to uninstall v. 2.5 before building 2.7? & if so, what are 
the magic words via the terminal (assuming this is the way, & if other 
options, would like to know)? & I probably should know the procedure, 
anyway, since I'm most likely going to keep only one version. I did go 
to the web site wiki: http://ardour.org/building , but same instructions 
for 2.5, so I'm also now assuming the same dependencies are relevant?

2.) I did not see a "Install" doc... (it was not in the "Read Me" 
either) Is the install the standard way (I'm on Ubuntu 8.04.1)? If not, 
what are the magic words to do the install?

Thanks much for any help & the forbearance at the rather basic questions.


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