[Ardour-Users] Tutorial: soundtracking with Ardour

Thomas Vecchione seablaede at gmail.com
Sun Aug 3 12:51:23 PDT 2008


  Just tossing out a quick thanks.  I actually had to tackle this one myself
recently as I was asked to do sound design for a 48 Hour film project, and
where I usually used ProTools for audio for film I couldn't for two
reasons.  1.  My interface had died, which Protools doesn't like when you
don't use their stuff.  And 2. I left Protools at home anyways as I haven't
used it for audio work in years, preferring Ardour.  I was going to write up
something like this to send to a collegaue of mine, but you ahve done a
great job and extra thanks for including the links, as finding an OS X
compiled version of Jadeo was difficult, and compiling it myself did not
want to work very well(It didn't find the X server no matter what I did).

  I will say this is a great workflow for anyone that wants to try it.  I
truly enjoyed working with Ardour and Jadeo combined, and can't wait for a
Cocoa UI for it for my OS X work, though it is fine on Linux as well:)  I
will echo all the thanks given at the end of this tutorial though as well.


On Sun, Aug 3, 2008 at 1:36 PM, Ben Powers <bennyp at out-of-order.ca> wrote:

> http://www.out-of-order.ca/wordpress/tutorial/composing-soundtracks-with-ardour-on-mac-os-x/
> Here's a tut on how to sound track a video clip using Ardour and xjadeo.
> Enjoy!
> Ben Powers
> bennyp at out-of-order.ca
> http://www.out-of-order.ca
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