[Ardour-Users] Rhythm Ferret

ANDERSON GREGORY gymjb at stu.ca
Fri Apr 25 06:02:52 PDT 2008

> I've read some of the mailing list archives, some of the 
> docs, and tried on IRC for just a short time.  That and 
>playing with 
> the Rhythm Ferret in 2.4.1 and I still can't get it to 
>do anything 
> for me.  Here's my recipe:
> - select a region, like all of the region in a track of 
>the editor window
> - open up the Rhythm Ferret, adjust the controls and 
>click on analyze
> But, it doesn't do anything at all.  There's no 
>additional disk nor 
> CPU activity.  I see from the archives that other people 
>have this 
> working.  What might I be doing wrong?

I had a lot of trouble getting this to work as well. 
 Although I eventually did get it to work.  I found that a 
small change on either one of the sliders had a dramatic 
change on the effect.  If I moved each one slightly the 
sensitivity of rhythm ferret had a huge change.  It was 
working but I had to find a small sweet spot where it did 
anything.  To far one way and it was not sensitive enough, 
too far the other way and it was too sensitive.


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