[Ardour-Users] OSC and jamin

plutek-infinity plutek at infinity.net
Tue Apr 22 09:50:20 PDT 2008


i originally posted about this over on LAU, but have now narrowed down the question to something specific to ardour:

-if i load the jamin-controller plugin in other programs (jack-rack, ingen, freecycle), jamin changes scene appropriately (once i have set scenes for the numbers i want to automate)
- if i load the jamin controller plugin in ardour, set scene automation points, and set the automation to "play", jamin does NOT change scenes, although the numbers do change in the plugin setup window


-on startup, jamin gives me this message: Started OSC server thread at osc.udp://paldesk2.palstudio:4444/ (paldesk2.palstudio is just my localhost)
-ardour gives me this message: OSC @ osc.udp://paldesk2.palstudio:3819/ 

does this mean that ardour is sending OSC to the wrong UDP address for jamin? 
i noticed the file .ardour2/osc_url -- it is always re-written to reflect the 3819 address.
can the OSC address be changed somewhere?

or am i barking up the wrong tree here?

any help in getting jamin automated from ardour would be most welcome... thanks in advance!



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