[Ardour-Users] Support for Linux VST and VSTi?

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
Tue Apr 22 04:20:20 PDT 2008

@ Kacper Pluta:

I didn't know that there are special Linux-VSTs that are no *.dll. Do
you know that there is a special Google for Linux?  Maybe you can find
more you're looking for by using it.





And maybe for every country.

Ray Rashif wrote:
> Yes, LMMS by default has VST(i) support. Pretty good, though with a
> slight overhead. I've managed to escape segmentation faults/crashes
> with 4 instruments and 2 effects each for about an hour. But of
> course, there are times when the crashes do occur and this is achieved
> via ALSA only as communication with JACK is a little troublesome.
> By the way, to the original author of this mail, here you go:
> http://www.anticore.org/jucetice/?page_id=4

Have you ever tried Ion2 instead of a classic WM/DE? With my old
hardware I had lots of seg faults, very borderline it has been with
KWin/KDE my fave DE. I'm a "native" assembler and basic coder (I'm 41
and from the generation QL, C64, Atari) and I have "prejudices"
referring to C and even though I'm only using Linux today I think that
seg faults are homemade for Linux because it's a C-OS. It's not possible
to program in C without RAM conflicts or to optimize speed and sizes of
applications but I have to add that I even go nuts with the makefile for
"hello world" ;), so I stopped programming. Since a long time I'm only a
user and moreover a lasting noob for Linux.

Is there anybody out there using a ASUS M2A-VM or M2A-VM HDMI? I haven't
any trouble with the mobo and Ardour (until now, because I didn't run
Ardour since I have it ;)) but I'm not fine with the Suse and Debian
Vesa drivers and I'm not sure if my main memory is fine because Memtest
is detecting it wrong, anyway, I will end this mail here and take a look
at a Linux hardware forum :).


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