[Ardour-Users] Support for Linux VST and VSTi?

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
Sun Apr 20 12:36:47 PDT 2008

Ray Rashif wrote:
> If you need VST instruments without all the SDK hassle, get LMMS. It
> has native support for VST(i) via Wine and its custom VST layer. Works
> wonders.

I'm not sure what Kacper Pluta is looking for. I guess he's looking for
a way to use VST FX with Ardour in a special way that I don't understand.

Because only Ardour from the Subversion directory has a MIDI-sequencer I
don't think he's looking for instruments but it's interesting to know
about this LMMS feature, so if LMMS can be synced by MTC or Jack to IMO
more professional applications like Rosegarden it will be interesting if
someone won't compile other applications with VST.

Did I get you right that LMMS comes with VST by default?


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